Elementor #72


Feel Better Heal Faster

The first compression device incorporating controlled cooling at injury site managing active bleeding

Very High Cost of Bleeding Complications
High Human Cost — High Economic Cost 

Applications in a wide range of bleeding situations: vascular intervention,
surgical procedure and emergency trauma
First product focus on Vascular Access Site Hemostasis

An Non-Invasive Natural Vasoconstriction Hemostasis Device

Patient Comfort    Pain Reduction

for Vascular Access Intervention, Surgical Procedures, Trauma Bleeding etc. 

Cooling Compression Hemostasis Device (CCHD)

Product Prototype not yet Approved for Human Use

Temperature Visibility Regulated Cold Pad (Wave54)

Products Available to Consumers

Bleeding Control in Access Site Interventions


For every percutaneous and endovascular intervention, there is a bleeding access site to heal.


How the bleeding access site heals matters. 

Controlled Cooling during Active Bleeding Compression

Sustain HemostasisReduce Blood Loss Reduce Pain  

Transfemoral CCHD Device for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
(Product Prototype not Yet Approved for Human Use)



Stop Bleeding and Sustain Hemostasis

Vasoconstriction is the first step of hemostasis.

Natural, non-invasive, pain reduction

Relevant clinical studies on reduction of pain, hematoma and pharma pain killers. and other clinical benefits

Stop bleeding faster, healing better, feeling better.

An opportunity to reduce women’s high risks.

Applications in surgical interventions and emergency trauma.

Controlled Cooling Temperatures at Injury Site vs. Time (Minutes)


An unresolved medical issue for over 60 years – bleeding complication very costly on many levels.

Manual Compression – The FDA gold standards, after decades of the    percutaneous technique including the big bore interventions.  The FDA adverse event (AE) reports on implants have steadily increased for 2 decades. Est. 1M/year patients experience life-threatening access site bleeding complications American College of Cardiology current 2020 campaign on “Reduce the Risk PCI Bleed”.


The First Temperature and Visibility Controlled Cooling Pad

the first not-one-size-fits-all temperature therapy pad

Cooling temperatures adjusted for different demographic uses, from children to mature people, to hospital patients, to young  professional athletes. Product transparency particularly important in medical applications.

“…..I opened it up with my daughter present who is a college dancer, and she couldn’t stop talking about how it felt to her”.

Safe ingredients and components – No Frostbite – Consumer product reusable (hospital product disposable)
Please send email for product availability and other inquiries.

Skin surface temperatures vs time of children’s products were taken on adults despite significant differences in the heat engine and heat sink functions between an adult and a child. All temperatures of market products are too cold and unsafe.  Some products are recommended using a towel to cover up the cold pack before use. Covering deprives immediate pain relief and not applicable in bleeding situations, and the practice is arbitrary.

Regular Product for adults 9.5″ x 5.75″ x 0.55″

Children’s Product for children and adults requiring cooling, but not cold, therapy 4.50″ x 5.75″ x 0.55″

Regular Product - therapy temperature vs time profile. Solid bold blue line conditioned in freezer, dashed bold blue curve conditioned in refrigerator, thin black lines for market products.
Children's Product - therapy temperature vs time profile, dashed bold blue curve conditioned in refrigerator, thin black lines for market products.

We are a small group of scientists and engineers in medical device industry and in hospital patient care.  We have dedicated our skills to produce natural and effective products to improve patient comfort and clinical outcome. 

One great device at a time, one patient at a time. 

Two Issued US patents and one pending patent application. 
Please send email to make further inquires.

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